The banking sector has some unique requirements based around its needs for high levels of security and data protection. Banks need partners whom they can trust. Time is also critical for this sector and projects, such as relocation, branch expansion or closure need to be handled swiftly and effectively, with minimum disruption to service.

Rhenus Lupprians provides specialised logistics services, including final mile delivery and installation, for businesses in the banking sectors. Our customers include many of the major UK financial institutions and their technology providers.

  • Data centre relocations
  • ATM rollout
  • Branch refresh
  • Secure asset recovery
  • Recycling and reverse logistics

The projects we have undertaken for banking customers include: support of a data centre relocation for a major global bank, a national branch roll out across hundreds of locations over a single weekend period for one of the largest building societies and the delivery and installation of free-standing and wall-mounted ATMs for various banking customers.

Rhenus Lupprians offers many benefits to customers in the banking sector to meet their requirements: Seamless support services from collection to data-wiping to meet business critical support needs Specialist time-critical support to meet the high service levels required by the sector

Rhenus Lupprians provides key services in-house, such as its ‘clean-room' environment to ensure sensitive data is effectively destroyed. Rhenus Lupprians staff are also trained in low-level configuration for ATMs and cash registers, work which can be undertaken at the pre-delivery stage

Rhenus Lupprians customises solutions to meet each customers need and circumstances, however small or large, ordinary or unusual

Rhenus Lupprians has a rigorous project management process, including site surveys, method statements and risk assessments to collect, installs and disposal of equipment swiftly

Rhenus Lupprians operatives are all highly trained, and are CRB checked, which is an essential requirement to operate in the sector

Rhenus Lupprians services for the banking sector

Rhenus Lupprians has the infrastructure; expertise and experienced CRB cleared staff to provide the range of secure services required by banking customers:

  • Collection to data-wiping
  • Project management - site survey/risk assessment
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Equipment pre-staging in ‘clean-room' environment
  • Configuration, data wiping
  • Time-specific deployment
  • Reverse logistics, responsible disposal (WEE compliance)