Customers require specialist expertise with a high degree of customisation capability in order to meet the varied and challenging requirements of the network infrastructure. Rhenus Lupprians meets and exceeds these requirements with its first class track record and portfolio of services for the industry.

Rhenus Lupprians works with telecommunications customers on complex fixed wire and wireless projects, delivering and placing to position of use high value, delicate and sensitive equipment into locations as varied as BT exchanges, high buildings, secure sites and off road.

  • Switch equipment installation
  • Communication upgrades
  • Infrastructure upgrades.
  • Rhenus Lupprians have the expertise, experience and capability to meet the complex needs of the industry.
  • Collection to final-mile delivery
  • Project management; site survey/risk assessment,
  • End-to-end documentation
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Equipment configuration, installation and kitting out
  • Time-specific deployment
  • Reverse logistics and disposal