European White Glove Solutions

For over 35 years Rhenus Lupprians has been providing pan European Hi-Tech, "white glove" solutions, developing our Network of carefully chosen partners and our own operations. The focus of the network has always been to use Rhenus Lupprians in-house resource where possible and best-in-class partners. This has been enhanced by our recent affiliation with the TecDis group. Becoming the UK logistics partner for Tlogo-eu.jpgecDis has increased our European coverage, adding a number of best in class partners to our growing network.

The Network has benefited from the advanced technology developed by Rhenus Lupprians. This technology allows Rhenus Lupprians, its partners and its customers to have transparent visibility of their European "White Glove" activities wherever they are deployed. Added to this, Rhenus Lupprians advanced tracking technology allows not only vehicle tracking but consignment tracking, giving superior control to the Rhenus Lupprians EU Control Tower.

Rhenus Lupprians UK based EU Control Tower specialises in cross border shipments, dealing with a variety of high value or fragile products. The Control Tower's trained staff manage the different language, geographical and cultural challenges of dealing with 21 countries across Europe. Rhenus Lupprians employ multilingual team members, helping to make the all-important final mile delivery go to plan.

Throughout Europe, Rhenus Lupprians customers will receive the same level of value added service and job visibility via our pan European managed service and web based connectivity and reporting (Please see Rhenus Lupprians Interactive). Examples of this are;

  • White glove delivery of Hi-tech equipment
  • Demonstration equipment management - Please see DEMS Software
  • Data centre migration services
  • High value equipment deliveries
  • Desk-top printer swap out programs
  • Project managed deliveries
  • Medical installations/de-installations
  • Regional storage
  • Hi-Tech Installations
  • Urgent two man deliveries
  • Pan European Hi-Tech transport

Visit the TecDis website to learn more about our best in class European network. 

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