Once your equipment has arrived on-site, fully qualified, manufacturer-trained and certified Rhenus Lupprians installers will be there to ensure rapid, secure and successful installation.

Not only are our people CSCS-accredited, but they also have a unique knowledge of equipment from different manufacturers, as well as the skills needed to install a wide range of products. So, no matter how complex or how simple your installation Rhenus Lupprians will be able to deliver.

  • Un-pack and placement
  • Removals
  • Full cable install
  • Pre engineer configuration
  • Assembly/Install accessories
  • Cartridges/Pen alignment
  • CSR module replacement
  • Customer data configuration
  • Additional software installation
  • Levelling/Testing
  • Power-ups
  • MRI / CT / X-ray / Radiotherapy (linacs)
  • Mobile x-ray / Ultrasound
  • Low-voltage distribution networks
  • Mechanical & Electrical Communication Equipment Rooms
  • Customer Information Systems (including help points, PA systems and CCTV)
  • Other Station Electrical Services
  • Ticket Vending Machines & Barriers
  • HVAC
  • Platform Shelter lighting
  • SCADA installations

Specialist in handling and installing customers sensitive, fragile, high value and awkward/difficult to move equipment.

  • Power equipment (switchgear, transformers and rectifiers)
  • UPS and batteries
  • Communication racks
  • Public Information Displays
  • Signalling Equipment
  • Ticket vending & barriers
  • Other Transactional equipment (ATM's)
  • Rack mounted servers
  • Large screens
  • Industrial imaging equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Copiers

Rhenus Lupprians staff are qualified and highly trained and receive continuous training to ensure safe working practice at all times.

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