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Healthcare Logistics

Health Tech

Throughout the company there is deeply embedded knowledge, experience and skills for logistics directly aimed at supporting the medical logistics industry. This resource is supported by all the specialist equipment required for logistics work in this sector, and in 2010 alone Rhenus Lupprians invested more than £1 million in keeping these resources right up to date.

Laboratory machine working

Rhenus Lupprians heritage and ongoing investment in medical logistics is reflected in the continued expansion of this division and are the appointed Logistics and Installation partner for many of the world's top medical manufacturers. This full- service approach ensures that we are able to provide customers with assistance and expert support in every aspect of their delivery commitments.

All Rhenus Lupprians installers, cablers and drivers go through rigorous training programmes at manufacturer level, to ensure compliance and quality of service. From clean rooms through to system staging areas, Rhenus Lupprians offer an unrivalled technical service. It is this commitment to detail that sets us apart from other Logistics companies.

Health Tech project management

The success of any logistics project relies on the quality of the project management and Rhenus Lupprians have a wealth of this resource.

Rhenus Lupprians can conduct site surveys, provide method statements and perform risk assessments. Rhenus Lupprians have extensive experience of managing local authorities to ensure the project progresses smoothly and where necessary we can manage road closures, heavy lifts, cranes and HIABS. Throughout the project we provide fundamental site leadership.

The end result is that our customers remain confident throughout the process that their logistic project will be completed on time, on budget and to all the agreed specifications.

Rhenus Lupprians have radically enhanced our project management offering through our ability to offer building project management and full turn-key solutions. Rhenus Lupprians can manage complete room builds, refurbishments and modifications, whilst taking responsibility for the time- line of the sub contractors involved.

Rhenus Lupprians Healthcare Storage

Health Tech storage

Rhenus Lupprians storage facilities are equipped with CCTV coverage, have Red Care Police rapid response support and are secure environments. In addition they benefit from single and phase 3 power supplies.

Rhenus Lupprians can provide the full range of medical storage facilities, including:

  • Pre staging / configuration area
  • Pre delivery preparation area
  • Equipment repair and test centres
  • X-ray room test facilities
  • Equipment cleaning
  • In-transit merge and consolidation
  • Unpacking and package disposal
  • Parts management including pick, pack and despatch
  • MRI cold storage bays
  • MRI power facility
  • Overhead gantry system
  • Clean room environment
  • Patient records deletion
  • Healthcare equipment heart rate monitor

Health Tech technical

With a state-of-the-art technical centre and a team of in-house certified technicians, our medical technical division is able to provide both equipment cleaning and data clean-downs.

Rhenus Lupprians also operate a repair centre to test and calibrate your equipment. This service is essential for Demo systems to ensure they are in the best working order for their next on-site demonstration. A Training Centre is available to ensure your staff have all the skills and knowledge needed to operate and work on the equipment.  

Health Tech transportation

Careful transportation is a crucial aspect of our logistics service and a fundamental part of Rhenus Lupprians business. Rhenus Lupprians can manage and implement a full range of medical transport services:

  • Manufacturer to site
  • Manufacturer to warehouse test facility / storage
  • Used units to second user
  • Used units to scrap and WEEE recycle facility (Rhenus Lupprians has a Waste Carriers Licence)
  • Site to site deliveries
  • Spares deliveries
  • Critical same-day deliveries

Wherever you need your equipment to be, you can trust Rhenus Lupprians to get it there rapidly and securely, minimising downtime and keeping your business running.

Health Tech installation

The Rhenus Lupprians medical installation team are able to install a wide range of medical equipment including:

  • MRI
  • CT
  • X-ray
  • Nuclear Med
  • Radio therapy (linacs)
  • Mobile x-ray and ultrasound

Rhenus Lupprians Installation Teams have considerable experience of the full range of installation and de-installation activities:

  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Positioning
  • Cabling
  • Levelling
  • Testing
  • Power-ups
  • Removals, including the reverse of the above. 

Health Tech case study

The equipment, which is worth in excess of £1M, demands highly technical crews. The manufacturer, Varian, champions Rhenus Lupprians with all its system deliveries and installations.

Rhenus Lupprians Project Management supports Varian with site meetings and complete detailed delivery surveys. From these, method statements and risk assessments are produced and supplied for customer agreement and signoff.

The actual installation begins on site with a ‘tool-box talk'. This consists of the Rhenus Lupprians lead hand talking through the delivery route and system installation in detail, according to the agreed method statement. These systems require a technical crew of four Rhenus Lupprians riggers for the physical delivery and assembly of the system over a two day period and a further two Rhenus Lupprians Technicians for a further seven days to complete the technical installation before handover to the Varian engineer for final calibration. Throughout the project, the customer is able to view progress on Rhenus Lupprians Interactive.

At Glan Clwyd District General Hospital, with the groundwork carefully laid, the Rhenus Lupprians specialists were able to use the Rhenus Lupprians infrastructure to ensure that the delivery, rigging and extended rigging was completed without problems or delay.

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