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High-Tech Logistics

High Tech

Rhenus Lupprians use the honed skills in the medical sector and apply them to high tech/high value equipment to provide a full logistics end-to-end capability, using its extensive experience and skills in logistics for the areas of:

  • Data cabinet and server installation
  • Cabinet build
  • Product testing
  • Product configuration
  • Complex installation
  • IT Critical

Rhenus Lupprians supports some of the top global systems manufacturers in their high value supply chains. The combination of logistics infrastructure and web based software means Rhenus Lupprians customers have complete confidence in the company's ability to manage all aspects of their logistics as their preferred service partner.

High Tech project management

Rhenus Lupprians provides a dedicated project manager who oversees full implementation of the project. For physical deliveries and on site installations, an experienced engineer/supervisor will be present to oversee the project from cradle to grave. These specialists follow a rigorous process of quality checks and sign off.

For further reassurance, throughout the project, Rhenus Lupprians Interactive provides customers with total visibility of their inventory, installations and deliveries.

Rhenus Lupprians have rack staging areas in Ashford and Manchester.

High Tech storage

In line with an increasingly technologically reliant world, Rhenus Lupprians has been growing its presence in the IT hardware industry.

A fundamental element of this is the ability to store, handle and manage servers, racks, cabling and components.

Rhenus Lupprians offers storage facilities such as:

  • UPS storage
  • Anti-static rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • High level racking
  • Test facilities
  • Staging facilities
  • Mock up/Photography facilities

All these facilities are security approved and are managed under our health and safety compliance policy  

High Tech technical

Every year we re-invest approximately 10% of turnover in our equipment to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and effective technical capabilities. In the IT/Data storage division this includes:

  • Evaluation equipment Management
  • Data clean down
  • System configuration
  • Asset tracking
  • Server rack builds
  • Anti static, dust free and clean rooms
  • Server configuration
  • Software builds
  • Technicians trained on Sun, IBM and HP servers
  • Configuration facilities available for:
  • ATMs
  • Cash registers and self check-out machines
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Complex electro-mechanical equipment  

High Tech transportation

Rhenus Lupprians has invested in a state of the art fleet of air-ride, tail lift boxed vehicles. These range from vans to 32T vehicles. All vehicles have internal lock & load systems. These are specific for the transportation of high value, high care computer hardware. The vehicles are satellite tracked through GPS technology which is monitored at Rhenus Lupprians central control tower to ensure high visibility of movements, product security, and the ability to maintain environmental fuel usage standards.

All Rhenus Lupprians drivers and crew members are CRB vetted and have been trained in line with the highest industry standards. Rhenus Lupprians hold complete review training for all logistical employees, every 24 months.

Rhenus Lupprians control tower features the latest on-line technology enabling Rhenus Lupprians customer service and project management teams to operate proactively and focus on managing /avoiding exceptions. This supports Rhenus Lupprians driver network and as a result it has a mean on time delivery percentage of 99%.

High Tech installation

The installations division of Rhenus Lupprians can be utilised for a varying degree of installation and placement projects. Whether it is a simple placement and un-pack or through to a full cable install and pre engineer configuration, Rhenus Lupprians can provide all the necessary expertise.

Rhenus Lupprians installers are supported by a team of engineers whom operate in both the field and the Technical Centre. This offers Rhenus Lupprians installers an unparallel level of support and back up knowledge.

Rhenus Lupprians has invested heavily in the correct tools and equipment to enable safe and compliant installations. These range from power pushers, stair-climbers, scissor lifts and many other calibrated tools and PDAs with a catalogue of product data and information.

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