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IT Systems Rhenus Lupprians

IT Systems

Rhenus Lupprians prides itself on innovation, and firmly believes in investing in technology to grow our logistics services and strengthen our logistics management capabilities.

This investment has driven us to develop our own in-house software which gives our customers precisely the information and functions they need.

Rhenus Lupprians can offer programming in .NET, PHP, SQL, ASP, Flash and Ruby. Rhenus Lupprians integrate with EDI, CSV, FTP and have experience of integrating systems with ERP programmes such as Oracle and SAP.

Rhenus Lupprians Interactive

Rhenus Lupprians IT Systems

At the heart of this approach is Rhenus Lupprians Interactive, an online system which allows customers to see precisely what is happening at every stage of their logistics project and crucially, to control it.

It is recognized by Rhenus Lupprians that no two customers are the same. Being a demand driven organisation, Rhenus Lupprians is unrivalled in its ability to meet and comply with all critical areas within varying business demands. This inherent ethos combined with experience, business style, expectations, individual customer demands, IT support and reporting capability set them apart from considered rivals.

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Rhenus Lupprians are committed to ongoing development of Rhenus Lupprians Interactive and other IT solutions. In this manner customers can:

  • Have instant access to up-to-the-minute information
  • Ensure continuity of information
  • Pick and place orders
  • See and print live POD information
  • Receive immediate notification of a delivery
  • Direct EDI links to strategic partners
  • Maintain ultimate control

Rhenus Lupprians Interactive is the front end of a highly effective ERP system that integrates with all Customer and Supplier systems through endless protocols. Rhenus Lupprians receive Pre-Advices and other supply chain updates in a variety of EDI and manual formats and deliver documentation and notifications to customers by email, EDI, PDF or online.

Rhenus Lupprians have established a suite of reports that are emailed and available through Rhenus Lupprians Interactive daily and weekly. These reports have been derived to help customers judge the performance they are receiving as well as managing the flow and speed of consignments through the logistical chain. All these reports are targeting customer satisfaction and process efficiency on a week by week basis, with the intention to reduce supply-chain costs. Rhenus Lupprians Interactive also acts as platform for other information including Stock per location/region, KPI and Performance Reporting, Survey/Quotation Management and POD recognition.

  • Rhenus Lupprians Interactive has a number of reports already setup and configured to the customer's requirements, this can include inventory, delivery and performance reports.
  • All reports are written in-house and so any data that exists within the system can be reported on, in almost any format and order.
  • New reports can be written within a few days and distributed either via Rhenus Lupprians Interactive or emailed to relevant users.
  • Weekly or Monthly performance reports can also be provided, showing performance against set targets or SLAs. These can incorporate SLAs for Warehousing and Inventory control, Delivery Performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Reports and Metrics can be distributed via email, daily, weekly or monthly or they can be accessed via Rhenus Lupprians Interactive in real-time.

Every delivery, collection and installation that Rhenus Lupprians completes is monitored. Each job carries with it a Performance Report and set against it are the KPIs established by individual customers. Performance Reporting is taken extremely seriously within Rhenus Lupprians and corrective actions are applied where applicable. Rhenus Lupprians average +98.5% of jobs with no problems or issues whatsoever.

  • All Rhenus Lupprians vehicles have satellite navigation, so the drivers can easily find the delivery or collection addresses and the quickest route to them. Rhenus Lupprians also have satellite tracking on all vehicles, which enables Rhenus Lupprians to see where all vehicles are at any point in time. This means Rhenus Lupprians can advise a customer where a vehicle is in relation to a site and can divert the nearest vehicle to do an urgent collection if required.
  • Each job location has a "watch-box" put around it by the software system. When a vehicle passes into this watch-box it generates an email to say it has arrived at site. It also notifies Rhenus Lupprians when it leaves site. Using this, email notifications can be sent to customers when a vehicle arrives ("We are on site") and leaves ("Job complete"), but also provide a warning if a vehicle is running late.
  • Rhenus Lupprians have colour coded screens in the Operations Office that show the status of each job. The job is in Green when it's complete, blue when its onsite and Amber or Red if there may be a problem.
  • Communication history between the site is recorded in the ERP system. It has a full audit trail that can be viewed via Rhenus Lupprians Interactive.
  • Booked Deliveries/Collections are also visible in Rhenus Lupprians Interactive along with full POD information and signature that can either be viewed or emailed to the relevant contact and then downloaded and printed if required.
  • When a driver makes a delivery he has to enter a unique Release code for each item delivered. The system checks the release codes against the job to ensure that the correct items and the correct number of items have been entered against the correct address, before the driver can obtain a signature from the customer.
  • PODs are obtained by using handheld PDA devices which send the POD signature back to the main systems within minutes of the job being delivered. This POD can be automatically emailed to a user or is available for immediate download again via Rhenus Lupprians Interactive. An electronic message can be sent to interface with other computer systems software creating an automated status update.

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